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The Jennifer King Team SPECIAL REPORT:

How To Buy a Home in Today's Market with Little or No Money Down 

You have probably heard that "No Down Payment" loans (or 100% financing) is a thing of the past. Right? Wrong! Did you know that there are several options for moving in to your dream home with little or no money down? You've co me to the right place! 

Everyone has seen those late-night "infomercials" that promote how to "get rich quick" in real estate. Wht they're RALLY promoting is their books, cd's, dvd's, and "coaching". I'm sorry to burst your bubbuble, but no one really "gets rich quick" in real estate. Investing in real estate is a process that can help you build great wealth over time! What many people tend to think, especially after watching these infomercials is that "no money down" is easy for anyone! They also think that there are "tricks" to getting 100% financing. If you agree, then you don't need to read any further, because I don't know any treicks. I've been a REALTOR for over 12 years, and I've built my own wealth base from buyowning real estate. One of my mentors taught me that you don't get rich by selling real estate. You get rich by owning real estate.

Do you think you have to be a millionaire to own real estate? Nope! Think again! The purpose of this special report is to educate and inform you of the different methodologies (legitimate, no scam, no tricks) for owning real estate with little or no cash.

1. The first program is one that does not apply to everyone. That is the VA-guaranteed mortgage for veterans. Although the amount varies by regions across the country, currently in our market, a veteran is eligible for up to $ in a single mortgage loan with NO DOWN PAYMENT! The buyer must have reasonably good credit and a good job history - but what a benefit! This loan is only available for owner-occupants. (ie - a father can't buy a home for his daughter using his VA eligibility)

2. HUD - (foreclosed) homes - This is a unique opportunity to purchase a foreclosure for as little as $ down. It is, of course, subject to credit approval, but WOW - what an opportunity! You can find the eligible homes at Many of the closing costs, prepaid taxes and insurance can even be financed, which minimizes your cash outlay.

3. USDA Loans - for "rural" areas. Wait! Don't assume that means the "boonies!" Much of Lancaster county qualifies for this particular loan! 

4. Down payment assistance programs  - Sometimes, there are additional "down payment assistance programs" for those with little or no cash! The purpose is to stimulate the market and help people buy homes. The down payment money is usually in the form of a "loan" that doesn't have to be paid back if you meet certain conditions. (which vary, based on the program), but usually include a minimum residency requirement. (meaning, you have to live in the home "x" number of years.)

5. Other programs exist from time to time. For complete details, contact The Jennifer King Team @ 717-723-9080 or email for more information.

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